Thursday, January 05, 2006

I need help!

I need some help from anyone who reads this blog and also is in the World of Fibre postcard swap. Someone like Lisa? You still out there Lisa? Well I have received cards from Karen Naylor and Sara Jane Goodwin but I am unable to let anyone know because as well as not being able to send emails direct I can't access Yahoo because in its infinite wisdom it tells me I'm bouncing. I don't know why as my email is coming in OK but whatever its a nuisance as I can't change anything or use the facilities to write emails. Could whoever, somebody ?, pass on this and also the fact that I have mailed out all my cards. Thanks a million. Whoever you are I will be in your debt. I'd appreciate it if a comment could be left to say you've been able to do this. Again millions of thanks. OK back to the grindstone. More later. Life is hard for those of gentle birth as my granny used to say! Grin!


  1. Hi Val, just let me know which group exactly it is as there's a few different ones and I'll post for you.

  2. Helen that is kind of you to offer but you have to be a member. Thank you anyway.

  3. Val, I'll email Lisa for you direct. I've got her email somewhere. I'll copy your blog entry.