Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Just to explain about my no send email situation. My ISP is moving its broadband base to a larger server(s) and this has effected the whole of our computing. In short it has turned off the broadband arm of its operations. We had an email saying that this would be between 28th December and 4th January. Also saying that interruptions should be brief! Ha! They lied! Brief? It has been constant for us and Martin, whose account it is has been monitoring it closely. He is lucky as he has a modem in his computer...I don't.....and has been able to use their dial up system which is so slow because of the number of people now trying to use this. If I didn't have my laptop and wifi I'd be tearing my hair out! If it doesn't come back tomorrow I shall be ringing them. We are not alone in this ...there are hundreds if not thousands suffering and personally I do wonder if the company will be able to survive this cut off especially over the holiday season. Perhaps they did it for their business customers, who knows. But they will no doubt lose lots of people! Can they take this financially? I don't think so as they are fairly small. They say we will get a better, faster connection. I'll believe it when it happens. In the meantime we suffer!
I'm back at work this afternoon. Life is back to normal. But I did go for a walk first thing down to beach and back and feel really energised for doing this. And it was drizzling with rain! Yay me! Grin!
Thank you everyone for your comments and emails. I will reply as soon as I am able. And if its urgent I'll write on your blogs if you have one!


  1. Happy New Year, Val. Sorry you've been having such problems with your ISP. Sounds outrageous! I know I wouldn't cope without broadband and email! Hope they get their act together soon.

  2. Ah the wonderful world of cyberspace. At least we can still stay in touch with you via your blog. It would be serious Val withdrawal without your posts.

  3. You say the sweetest things Gabrielle!