Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Nothing Day!

Today was one of those days when no matter how hard you try it is impossible to get anything done. I haven't even looked in my workroom let alone worked on anything. I made the mistake of going shopping with Martin and this became a leisurely amble through Falmouth from one end to the other. I managed not to spend any money which was the best part of the morning! It was a lovely sunny day and it was nice to be out and about but I was very conscious of the fact that I had things to do, eggs to lay as that old song goes. So tonight I am rapidly trying to catch up and get handouts written and photos taken for Friday's class. This is unusually rushed for me as I am on the whole very organised when it comes to classes but tomorrow I will have no time at all as it is all taken with various activities. Roll on the weekend.

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