Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Productive Day.

This morning I was able to get started on my third leaf piece. In fact I got both the third and fourth pieces up and running and painted the leaves for the third piece. This was the most enjoyable part. Then I offered them up and played with their arrangement. They aren't fused yet just in case I change my mind as to how I want them. I will probably wait to fuse them until I've done another batch for the fourth and last piece and see how they work together. I haven't stitched the first two pieces yet as I wanted to see them all together before deciding on the type of stitchery I wanted.
This evening I took my car in for its MOT. For those who don't live here this is a Ministry of Transport test that one's car must undertake each year to prove that it is road worthy. I'm hoping mine will pass as the test has been tightened up this year. The problem yesterday was a duff battery which I will have to replace but having been on charge all night it started this morning. That was such a relief. And after dropping my car off Martin collected me and we went and did the weekly shopping which was a nightmare as they are building a new large B & Q opposite and the traffic problem is heinous! Single lane-three way traffic lights just as one exits a dual carriageway..... doesn't bear thinking about. But I was able to pick up the latest Mary Higgins Clark novel so I shall be a happy camper.

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