Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday! Monday!

The start of another week and its nearly February. Hasn't this month gone quickly. I've spent most of this morning dyeing various shades of lavender and lilac for an order. So lots more pressing to do. Some of the colours I will be sad to see go but I can always dye more for me. Apart from that I've done nothing of note. Tomorrow I'm going to start being ruthless in my workroom and getting rid of at least 30% of what I have. And I hope in the process I find my strip cutting board as I was talking about it to a friend who came over for coffee and then couldn't find it to show her. It is wonderful for cutting strips and of course I haven't needed it so didn't know that I didn't know where it was. Of course now I want it desperately. Isn't that always the way! Wonder what else I'll find that I've forgotten I've got!
I've been searching madly for some rubbing plates to buy but it doesn't seem as if anyone in the UK stocks them. I'd be grateful for any links if someone knows differently. I found a good site in the US but they don't ship internationally which was a bummer as they had a brilliant selection. So I live in hopes that someone knows more than I do and will pass it on!


  1. Val, the rubbing tiles come from a company that is either or Have the tiles with me but not the packaging. I carry everything in heavy weight zipbags that I bought from an art supply store. They are very heavy weight plastic with some kind of thread in them for extra strength. Also did you try for the tiles. Sorry to be so vague. Flying home tomorrow...sad to say good-bye to Oz.

  2. Some lovely fabrics there, Valeri.

    Shirley in NZ

  3. I emailed you the info on the packages, but it bounced, as usual. How annoying, And by now I've opened them and used them and no longer have the packaging. Too sad. I'll keep my eyes out for more for you though...


    Lakeland for the plates or some can come from fiskars texture plates I think they are called.
    hope this helps.
    What do you mean your getting rid of??????