Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Wow! What a lovely load of comments. I must bring Mrs Grumpy out more often! Grin! Too many no replies but I do appreciate your comments Mirian, Robin,Maureen,and Omega. Omega that was a very thoughtful comment you left and don't worry about the length feel the width. Such a lot of wisdom there and I'm sure you are right. Robin I certainly do remember you as Linen lady and yes we did meet up at Nashua in 2002. Gosh isn't that such a long time ago and it was me who told you all about the ironing paper bags. So why didn't you leave an email so we could reminisce? Maureen perhaps I'd better move to Oz!
I get exactly two hours to actually do any serious work in my workroom in the mornings and that's not every morning as I teach on Fridays and on Wednesday's Martin is home and it is nigh on impossible to do anything so I usually catch up on things like the banking and going to the post office as he is always willing to run me about as it saves on parking. So this two hours is very precious to me when I actually get it. Today I was able to start quilting the sea scene and have nearly finished it. Another two hours and it will be done. I also fused the leaves onto the leaf piece and did a matching one so that I have a pair of hangings. Not exactly the same but similar. As they are small I thought they would look good as a matched pair. Oh well you are probably totally confused by now and will have to wait until I get some pictures up.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and am about to start reading this one by him. It sounds good!


  1. It's a page-turner!
    Love your hand-dyes! Gorgeous colors!

  2. Darling Valerie,
    I love reading your blog, and imagining your lilting accent, but I have one tiny request. I hope you won't think of this as a criticism, but it would be so lovely if you would provide a bit more space between paragraphs or even provide some PARAGRAPHS. I would find it much easier to read small chunks rather than the large portions which difficult to grasp, for we who are elderly. Thank you very much.