Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Time stretches ahead of me......

I had to get up early today as Martin needed to leave at an unearthly hour this morning. So lots of time stretching ahead of me to do some painting in. I'm blogging at this early hour as I reckon if I write it down I'll actually go and do something due to the feeling of guilt if I don't!
Still no broadband connection! Found a site on Martin's computer with a forum for broadband users. We are NOT alone! There are hundreds of unhappy customers but we seem to have been without the longest! Now why is that? Is it because we live so far away? Personally I have given up! I am only turning the computer on first thing in the morning and last thing at night and that is it. And I'm only doing that to read my emails.
So off to have fun painting sea scenes. Yippee! I ought to do the walk to the beach first. My conscience is telling me I have to do this but myself is telling me that its wet and raining and I have all this time lets not waste it with extraneous (spelling?) activities! Oh well when I'm dressed I'll toss a coin!

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