Monday, January 09, 2006

Totally fed up!

Thank you to everyone who has left comments about various things on the blog. I really do appreciate each and everyone. It is beginning to annoy me that I can't send any email as I have emails to answer that can only be done by an email. I hear what you are saying those of you who are suggesting I change my ISP but it isn't as simple as that. Its not something that can be done overnight as this provider has to release the phone line so we can migrate to someone else and in view of the fact that we are having so much difficulty communicating with them there is little liklihood that this would happen overnight. I have written more letters! And it is such a palaver using this connection that I am even getting to the stage where I really can't be doing with connecting at all. It all sucks!!
On a happier note I have a commission to do a sea scene. It is to be realistic and include rocks and sand. And I have to have it done by February 8th! Its a good job I work quickly. It won't be a large piece; not in that time scale. I think about 12 x 9. I shall paint the scene on cloth first and then do machine embroidery. Then I shall embellish with hand embroidery to add more texture. I shall have to put my studies of columns to one side while I do this or I will be short on time considering that I have two classes to do each week as well. In one of my sketch books I have some work I started, looking at Greek columns, and I had an idea for a hanging using some of the ideas that I came up with then. It is interesting looking at this piece which was done a few years back how, even when using a man made structure as inspiration that I can come up with leaf shapes! Well actually in my own defence they were part of the decoration on a base. But for now I will get back to the sea which has always been a great source of inspiration for me.

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  1. I must admit that it seems strange that so many people are having assorted computer problems at the same time. Thought mine were all solved, then this bit about not knowing when I receive comments. Thinking - Twilight Zone.

    Enjoyed looking at you sketch book studies!