Monday, January 23, 2006

No news day!

Today has been a non day. I spent this morning discharging some pieces of dyed cotton and they are now over-dyed and washing out as I write. Then I found I couldn't start my car so had to beg a lift to work. And Martin, dear of him, came and brought me home. So nothing much to blog about but I have been sorting out my computer and saving things to a back up disk and have posted some pictures as I came across them. These are all things I've done in the past when for some unknown reason I seemed to have more time. Or is it just the illusion of looking backwards. So I shall now go and think of something delightful to eat for dinner.


  1. Smart woman, you. When my hard drive crashed, I was so thankful that I had back easy way to make your life go straight down the toilet without backup. Re-installing everything is bad enough but without backup, it doesn't mean a thing...just blank new programs. Sorry about your car troubles..hope they are fixed soon.

  2. Love the pictures of all the things you shared (below). Hope all the machine things in your life are fixed and making your life easier soon. Jen