Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday spend, spend, spend!

I couldn't resist the sales today in Falmouth. Sue wanted to look in a shop having the most amazing bargains and of course I wasn't going to stand on the pavement waiting for her like a lemon so I went in and of course I succumbed. They had lined wool skirts reduced to £3! So I bought three that price it was a steal. Two in mauvey/purples and one in a blue/beige tarton cut on the cross. Very simple but very useful. And then in a charity shop I found the most wonderful pair of shoes that will look ace with one of the skirts plus a lot of things that I have in my wardrobe already. And this colour purple just popped up all over the place.
I had to have these shoes too! And some bright red knicks on sale in another shop! I wasn't going to spend ANY money at all other than on coffee. Oh well I can be good next week. And then we didn't have coffee...we were totally decadent and had hot chocolate with lashings of (non dairy) whipped cream. A real treat! And I didn't feel bad about that as I had hopped on the scales first thing and found I'd lost 2lbs! Way to go!
Now I'm waiting for today's dyeing to come out of the washing machine. Today I have done a load of pinks and blues. And then I've overdyed them to get purples and mauves. Its being a purpley/mauve kind of day. Of course this means I will be spending tomorrow morning pressing them all. I had a new bolt of poplin arrive yesterday and I nearly did myself a nasty injury moving it from one room to another. Just as well I got Martin to carry it upstairs or I might have suffered a fate worse than death - a bad back!
When I see what I've got with regard to colours I might do a third overdyeing to add pattern to some of the pieces, especially some of the pastelly ones which will take more dye. The darker ones I might discharge and then overdye. I really enjoy seeing what I get. So much more fun than basic dyeing. They have been selling so quickly that I've been in danger of running out. I still have one load to rinse and stick in the washing machine so I think I might be up until the wee small hours.


  1. OOOOHHHHH! The heels are too hot for words and I know you will have a wiggle in your walk and a giggle in you talk when you wear them.

  2. Valeri, when you're discharging the fabric, are you just painting on designs or what? I am shamelessly picking your brains here.

    SHirley in NZ

  3. I love that colour...well done on so many bargains!