Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cramming it all in.

Well I managed to do both things. Walk to the beach and do the painting. In fact the walk to the beach inspired the painting. I had a really fun time and found a box of acrylic paints that my son had given me years ago. He is a very good painter and does portraits which actually look like the person portrayed which to me is so clever! I couldn't do that to save my soul. He is also very good at mixing up flesh tones too. Anyway he gave me this box of paints and they have come in very useful in spite of the fact that I had to use my small clamp to unscrew the tops. That small clamp sitting by my ironing pad is so useful. It is as good as having a third hand.
I took poetic license with what I'd seen and did a simple piece just depicting the outlines because I shall be working over the top of this and it doesn't need to have a lot of colour and detail in it. It is very similar to one I've done already but as it was this one which inspired the client to ask for something similar I haven't gone off at a tangent. Then because I was having fun I did an abstract piece along the lines of Rothko or Kline. Very simple and quite bold. I will use this as a background piece and fuse on top of it. Just keeping it strong and colourful. So a good time was had by me!
Which is just as well as not a good day otherwise. No news on the connection front and a letter from the local Adult Education office to say that class numbers have been raised and because of this one of my classes will no longer run. This is all because the funding council which underpins the money decrees a set number of students before they will pay out. I might be lucky with my second class. I'm seriously thinking of going private as so many people are now missing out on classes in Ad Ed.

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