Friday, January 27, 2006

One step forward, two steps back!

Forward or back? OK forward it is. Good news first. Today my new foot that I bought for my 180 arrived. I can't wait to try it. Its foot no. 43 and is for free motion couching. Its foot print is huge and it will only do straight stitch but I can see loads of possibilities for this little foot. I love my machine feet. I've almost got the whole collection for my machine AND I do use them. Not all of them that often but some of them a lot and the others enough to make having them worthwhile. So I will go and play in a minute.
Back! Where do I start? Well first off I've got toothache and it is killing me. It would be the weekend which means waiting until Monday to make an appointment. The judicious use of Nurofem Plus will enable me to survive. ..... I hope! I cracked a tooth at Christmas and it seemed to be OK and not worth a dental visit but obviously I was wrong! Coward that I am!
Secondly I just lost the opportunity of renting a studio! A friend told me about it and I rushed down to get the phone number and then rushed back to phone them up but it had JUST gone. It is the just gone bit that is so peeve-making. Why couldn't the guy just have said that it had gone rather than JUST gone? I had such high hopes. Because with a studio I could organise more workshops/classes, get some of my junk out of the house and generally have more space. Oh well I'll just have to be more dedicated to looking for one. I think it could be a bit like looking for gold dust!
And it has to be somewhere I can dye! The dyeing is taking off in a big way. I now have orders for dyed pieces and also one of my friends who runs a mobile shop and visits all the quilt guilds and workshops in Cornwall is going to sell it as well so I need to be able to do twice or even three times as much as I do now. The fact of coming so close will I think spur me on to make a greater effort in sourcing a studio/workshop.
I was so busy yesterday that I just couldn't get to add an entry into the blog so for the first time -bar holidays- I missed an entry! I felt so bad. Just as I used to when I hadn't done my homework. Well for the first five minutes in both cases. Guilt and I don't last together for long!
I'm going to rush away now and play with my new foot. Oh what joy!


  1. Sorry you missed the studio - sounds a good idea to have one though. Are there lots around there, it being Cornwall and very artistic? I've been fantasizing about one ever since that last bout of dyeing/screenprinting!!

    Let us know how you get on with your couching foot - I thought about that this week when the slubby yarn I was trying to couch kept getting stuck in the grooves of my normal applique foot!

  2. If you get your studio, you'll be living my dream! My very own dedicated space, and more room to move in the house. I'll help you find one by keeping my fingers crossed, ok?

    Also, I'm impressed you use all of your sewing machine feet! I only use the zigzag one, and the zipper one if something needs zipping. In fact, I can't even find the rest of the feet. Sigh.

  3. I understand you need for space but with all the boys out of the house I have a separate office and studio. The studio space is only 12' square but when organized it works well. I would love to be working near other artist but I also love going to the studio in my pj's. It's always a compromise...hope you find something that works for you soon.

  4. Hard luck on the studio. I know how gutting that must be *just* missing out. My sister-in-law has had a similar experience recently with looking for a shop/workshop space. So frustrating! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too.