Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Searching High and Low

A lot of this morning was taken up with the grand hunt. This week with my Baltimore Album students I am doing 3-D roses and I knew I had a sample piece but when I looked in the place I thought I'd last seen the sample it wasn't there. A small moment of panic and then I literally turned the workshop upside down. And I didn't need to as the first place I'd thought of and rejected was where it was! Isn't that typical. When our small freezer gave up the ghost I took the motor out and had it carted up to the workroom as it has such amazing drawers. It was a good move as it holds an enormous amount of stuff. I use it to keep half finished items in and patterns for things I want to make one day. I don't use it to store samples so why this was in there I really don't know. I should have followed my instincts though and looked there first. But at least I found it but not until I'd started a second sample. And I only started the second sample because I found a baggy with ready to go petals and a piece of fabric. Obviously I had an ongoing piece as well as the finished one. I actually enjoy doing Baltimore blocks as the handwork is very restful and the 3-D pieces are especially pleasing.
I've bought another Dan Brown book to read. I'm quite hooked on this author. This one is called: Digital Fortress. I hope it is as good as the other two. Buying a book at the supermarket quite bucks up the mundane shopping for food. I have to go and make a cup of Horlicks now and then off to bed. Its been one of those days and I need to get into tomorrow!


  1. I liked Digital Fortress but I think Angels and Demons was my favorite.

    I love your 3-D roses (but you're right about them getting lost on that background). Is this something you dreamed up yourself or did you get the idea from a book? I'd love to hear how you make them.

  2. I am with Lisa. Digital Fortress was good but Angels and Demons was the best....


  3. Because I am nearly 90% sure that any email I send to Lisa won't get there I'm replying here. Yes Angels and Demons was definitely the best!

    The roses originally came from one of Ellie Sienk...can't spell her name, book. They are easy to do once you know how.