Friday, September 23, 2005

Arise and shine!

Well this getting up early seems to be ongoing. I can only think it is a by product of the detox which is going well. I found I had lost 3lbs this morning! So onwards and upwards!

I had violent dreams about my last nights students. Dreamt that I was trying to run them down in my car! Now what does that tell you? What would Freud have to say about that? Grin! They are a lovely bunch! Really they are! And I'm looking forward to this morning's lot as well. Actually this morning is a cinch as most of the students are returnee's and I know them well. This always makes a class start with a bang when one hasn't got to get to know the foibles of a whole new selection of people. It is pouring with rain which is a bummer as even though the distance from the car to the classroom is short it is still long enough for me to get absolutely soaked and my stuff. I always seem to take everything but the kitchen sink with me. An inbuilt fear probably of not having the right stuff. And this even though I make copioous lists of requirements. The first lesson of the term I don't give out handouts but expect students to make their own notes. This way they have to think about what they are doing! It was interesting to note for my assessment sheet last night that very few of them took any notes at all! Sometimes all the students are scribbling away and take masses of notes. There is a happy medium! And that is another thing that irks me, this necessity in what is supposed to be a 'fun' class, to make constant assessments which have to handed over to the powers that be and the session observers when they arrive. I did enough paperwork and assessments when I was teaching City and Guilds to last a life time. I do not think it is necessary for purely recreational classes. It is another symptom of government control and interference in all walks of life. After all if you can't teach well, if your students don't like you or your class is boring, then the students will vote with their feet and not come back! OK moan over for this morning. I must get me to the car and be on my way. Fridays is a very rushed day as after teaching this morning I have to rush to work! But joy of joys its the weekend again tomorrow! Yippee!

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