Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A very interesting day!

This morning I went into the local Adult Education centre for Falmouth where I teach classes in Patchwork and Quilting, to set up a portal on the AdEd network with the help of one of the IT guys. This is to enable me to post all sorts of things; pictures, information, links, how-to's, etc and for students to be able to access it and find out things. Also to run a forum so that students can discuss things amongst themselves or with me. Its a great idea and I think now that I am fairly conversant with how it will work. I just have to get some stuff up there before classes start Thursday week. Each student in the class will be given an enrolment key and then they can register and use the site. Should be fun and useful. Another good thing about today was that I found out that one of my classes is full and the other one only has a couple of spaces left. As someone has just this minute rung me up to enquire there is every chance that by the time the class starts it too will be full. I also found out that I am going to get a printer in the room we use which will mean I can take my lap top in and print off sheets etc. So very useful, especially for students who have missed a week. And..... a projector so I can give slide shows if I want to. So its brilliant. It is all good, good, good! I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm halfway through the orders and will be able to post some out tomorrow and possibly part orders of those in hand as they will be too big to go in one lot anyway so I might as well post what's ready. So I am feeling positive there. Then I hope to use Thursday and Friday to get ready for the show on Saturday. This mainly entails packing ribbon and making price boards. I have given up trying to get any more postcards done as I realise that they need time. Something I don't have at the moment. But after classes start I will be able to devote myself to them exclusively.

Talking of postcards I am unhappy not to have received one from Lisa yet as she mailed them all out together and Frances and Liz have had theirs! And Frances is even more remote than I am! So is it lost? Or is it just taking its time? Watch this space! The one's I have seen so far are absolutely delightful. I don't think mine will be similar as I get a kick out of variety! Perhaps I'll do a series with the whole making the story and each one a part! Grin!

Have to eat! I'm starving and Martin isn't home yet so I shall have some toast and ? It's Tuesday so no prizes at guessing what I'll be doing later this evening! Groan!

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  1. I'm so sad it hasn't arrived yet. All the others have been accounted for by now. If it doesn't show up in another week I'll send you a new one. Maybe your postman (postlady?) coveted it?