Thursday, September 15, 2005

Two things of note!

Firstly I received a postcard in the post from Jen this morning. Can I just point out Jen if you read this that there is NO 'e' on Valeri! Thanks. It is a very 'strong' card in red and black and my postman had to ask me what it was as he found it interesting! Very striking and I love it. Thanks Jen. I'll forgive you the name! Grin. Sadly, still no card from Lisa! So now I have two! Way to go!

And the second thing of note is that I am one of the 'invitees' to make a block for the Katrina Auction Quilt organised by Sharon Boggins of In a Minute Ago. The theme is All That Jazz which will be wonderful to do as I am really into carnival colours. Lime greens, oranges, hot pinks with turquoise and purple and touches of bright yellow. Hm, delicious! I feel really honoured to have been asked to be one of the 19 well known crazy quilters and will really put my heart and soul into it! In fact when Sharon emailed me I was quite touched!

So a lovely day and I've been busy and productive as well! I'm going to have to spend my spare time tomorrow ironing ribbons and making them up into theme co-ordinated packs and 2 metre lengths ready for the meeting I am going to on Saturday. I have been invited to have a sales table at the AGM of the local chapter of the Embroiderers Guild. I've got fabrics and fabric packs ready so it is just the ribbons. Silk ribbon is such a pain to iron! Now if I wanted it for a project I'd be doing the bare minimum; the fact that it is for selling will motivate me to do it all! Grin!

Since writing about my creative streak yesterday and what makes it active and why, I've been thinking about what I actually do. To date I've tended to scatter my fire and have done a bit of this and a bit of that, but now I know what my metier is and I'm going to stick with it. Oh I'll still do bits of other things, especially for class work but my own projects will work along this line. Because I want to have an exhibition next summer, possibly with a couple of like minded friends, I shall work on a body of work that follows this theme. The two things I do really really well are to dye fabric and to machine applique. Suffice it to say that those two things will form the basis of my work. I have the same problem with my wardrobe. Its full to bursting with lots of random clothes and when I want to choose something to wear I'm bemused by the sheer choice. So I'm going to be organised there as well. I'm going to pull out main garments; trousers, skirts, and then put with each a selection of tops that go with them plus jackets and knitwear. This way I will have complete ensembles. I shall then get rid of anything that doesn't work and any colour that doesn't do at least three mixes. And then I shall hang them in their 'families' so that when I'm rushed I can see immediately what goes with the main item I've chosen to wear. Of course I shall be ruthless so as to make more space while I'm doing this! Have you heard these words before? Grin! Anyway if Gabrielle hadn't started me thinking I wouldn't have had this positive approach to things so a big thank you to Gabrielle and I'll forgive the sarky comment! Grin!

Got to go print labels for packs. The amount of stationery I use is phenomenal. But its necessary! While I'm printing I shall lie on my back on the floor with my legs in the air to rest my feet! Its been a long day!

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  1. Oooh...finding your voice/directoin...that i could have had anyting to do with this is impossible. You were already there...just gave you time to notice. My theory has always been do one thing and do it well...leads to personal style...and still leaves room for exploration.