Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Despondency strikes!

I am feeling despondent. I think it is partly anti-climax of being home and not doing fun things and partly the knowledge that I have to go back to work tomorrow. It has been so good these past two days just getting on with things ...even accounts....and not having to pack up at mid-day and go off to work. A friend came round unexpectedly for coffee this morning and stayed for lunch. Now on a working day that couldn't have happened. The coffee yes, but not the leisurely lunch. And also I would have been mentally counting the lost time even while enjoying the company. And I haven't been able to get into my workroom and sew! I had to go and check the rules for the postcard swap just to make sure that I'd got time still. I have! The last arrival date is end of November. Even I can make that! But there is so much I want to be doing. I feel torn! I have no pictures to show and nothing interesting to tell you. I feel as exciting as a lump of charcoal! I think this calls for a good book! I shall renew myself tomorrow after I've wept into my wine tonight! Also my ankles have swollen up and that in itself is worrying. I think I must start a detox tomorrow. So I shall enjoy the glass of wine tonight and then no more! Sometimes I would like to be another person! Perhaps I will wake up a different person in the morning. Strange things do happen!

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  1. Val, this too shall pass. I think all exceptionally creative people go through these cycles....of course, having to go back to work doesn't help. But don't you dare change into someone else...just get rid of the cloud hanging over you and our very productive Val will be back.