Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday again!

I really don't like Tuesdays. Don't ask me why but they just don't work for me. My best day apart from the weekend is Monday. It seems all fresh and ready for a new start whereas Tuesday is a bitty day and I don't get a lot done. This is probably due to the fact that I have to go into town to go to the bank and then the shopping has to be done. Both chores that I could do without. Though saying that today with the detox/diet in mind I did indulge in some lovely things that I'm allowed to eat on my self imposed regime. Some gorgeous Russian recipe Rye bread which is delicious toasted and eaten dry! Yes dry! Lovely avocados, lots of yummy salad things and peaches. I adore peaches whizzed up in the liquidiser and with added cranberry juice and whey protein powder makes a good snack for lunch. Quick and easy! I have now had two good days so I'm feeling positive. And just with two days of this I've got more energy!

What really cheered me up today was getting a wonderful postcard from DebR. See the photo above. Wonderful sun with rays that remind me of octopus legs complete with suckers. What a gorgeous piece of fabric. I really like this Deb.

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