Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Because its been such a glorious day I really haven't done an awful lot at all. This afternoon I pottered about and read the Sunday papers. That can take quite a while. Then I tidied up in the workroom after pulling everything out for the sale table yesterday. I gathered together my notes for class. I need to go and look out some old handout sheets to see if they are updateable. But really I did a lot of sitting and cogitating. It was refreshing. Sometimes one needs to re-charge the batteries and just let the world go by.

Diane of Going to Pieces blog asked what magazines we subscribed to. Well the answer is not many. I used to subscribe to quite a few but after a while they all began to look samey and so I stopped them and now only pick them up in the shop if they look interesting. I do subscribe to Quilting Arts. I started the subscription recently but did feel that it wasn't as good as it used to be when a friend sent it to me. So I may not keep up with this one. I also get the Australian magazine Machine Embroidery. I like this as it has lots of ideas in it and is a good source of inspiration. And I also get the Fons and Porter quilting magazine which I forget the name of. However this isn't as good as I thought it would be so I may not renew this one either. A friend has given me a subscription to Creative Machine Embroidery. I do like Belle Armoire as again it is inspiring. But really I would rather save my money and buy books.

I have just bought the new Ruth Isset book Colour on Fabric and it is very good. Plus I got the book from StewartGill paints and that is a mine of information. I want to get the Ricky Tims DVD plus Mastering the Art of McTavishing. I think these two will help me with my free machining. There are so many ideas bubbling around in my head and one of these days I must really let them out! Its like having a swarm of bees in there. I don't have a bee as my logo for nothing! Grin

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  1. Shameless self-promotion...don't forget the Gabrielle Swain dvd's...especially the two on surface design..think you might like them.