Sunday, September 25, 2005


So when my man got up I told him the sad tale of the demise of the microwave. He was disbelieving! The conversation went like this:
Me: And there was black smoke pouring out around the door so I quickly turned it off and opened the back door so that it wouldn't go all over the house. So that you wouldn't wake up and think the house was on fire!
Man: Hm! Very considerate of you. You probably put it on too long and it burned your porage.
Me: No when I opened the door and cleared the smoke the porage was fine. Still porage sitting in a bowl of COLD water!
Man: Looks alright to me.
Me: Well that's because I got to it before it burst into flames. It was quite awful!
Man: Obviously you did something to it!
Me: Well you try it then! (said in complete exasperation)
So he puts a bowl of water into it and turns it on. It works and nothing goes wrong. Wouldn't you know that would happen! Open the door and the water is tepid. Neither of us can remember if we used cold water or not so we try again and put it on for longer. The water boils and nothing goes wrong! I could scream!
However when later he decided to use it to scramble some eggs he did say that there was a strong smell of burning so I think there IS something wrong with it even though he thinks its alright, and I won't use it again but will change it over with the smaller one! Because it means otherwise I will have to stand and watch it every time! I' m sure all kitchen appliances are male! Got to be! lol
After this domestic incident we decided to go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. And anyway it is good for him to get out and be active at the weekend's as he is sitting all week. So we walked down to the beach and along the coastal footpath. I took my camera and took loads of pictures which I will post later with the aid of Picasa. Took a coat which I didn't need as although there were a few drops of rain as we left the sun came out and I was much too hot. Just like a summer's day though it is now cloudy and cold. That is the trouble with autumn, it gets chilly in the evenings. Picked up the papers and I will now have a quiet moment catching up on what has been happening in the world. I was very pleased to see that hurricane Rita wasn't as fierce as expected but she still did a vast amount of damage.

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