Sunday, September 25, 2005


First I overslept and I was going to do so much. Trouble was I woke up and looked at the clock, decided it was too early to get up, turned over and lo and behold when I woke again it was LATE! Like 9.30! Got up, eventually got to the kitchen and put my porage and sultanas in the microwave as I do every morning, went to turn the computer on, smelt burning and thought....oh gosh I've over timed the porage and its gone thick as glue, rushed into the kitchen to see plumes of black evil smelling smoke coming from the microwave! Aaghhhhh! Turned off the microwave. Opened the door and the smoke poured out so rushed to open the back door so that it didn' t go all through the house and then went to look at the remains. Well the porage wasn't even cooked, still swirling around in its liquid so it wasn't an overtiming on my behalf. Looked into the microwave and saw that it was all black and burnt round the overhead vent! Tried turning it on again and immediately heard nasty crackling sounds so hastily switch it off and cooked my porage on the stove. Funnily enough it had a nasty burnt taste to it...I wonder why? lol So I rather feel that is the end of my microwave! Malheureusement! BUT I do have another one that I keep for microwaving dyed fabrics when I'm using acid dyes on silk fabric or ribbon. If I scour that out....and it hasn't been used that often as I don't do much silk dyeing now and it was new after the old one gave up on me and refused to work....then I could use it and need n't buy a new one. Also this one is smaller and will give me more room! I'm not a microwave person. I use it primarily for cooking my porage in the morning and defrosting things because I can't remember to get them out of the freezer in time! So I don't need anything special and the old one owes me nothing as I've had it for over ten years. It has an electric cook facility as well as microwave but I've never used this part of it since I bought it. At the time we didn't have a cooker as we were going through an extremely poor time and I thought this would double up as cooker as well as microwave and be far cheaper. But I found it difficult to use and so that side of it wasn't utilised at all. I suppose I should be thankful that I hadn't wandered back upstairs as I could have come down to find the whole thing ablaze and the kitchen full of smoke! I shall be thankful for small mercies!
After that I went up to the workroom and played for a couple of hours with my Stewart Gill fabric paints. With the ones that I already had I now have quite a good selection but as is always the way not all the colours I want. After working with them and being quite pleased with the results I decided that I really preferred working with water soluble pencils, paint stiks and oil pastels. The finish they give is more in line with what I want. But then horses for courses! Both mediums are good depending on what one wants at the end! I shall try over-dyeing some of the pieces I've done to see what happens. Now I need lunch! Something that needs no heating at all such as a salad! lol


  1. YIKES Val, my goodness...lucky you didnt go upstairs.
    today I was helping to cut pieces of branches to go in the green bin .. the last piece I was cutting yipeesss just caught my finger... straight in the mouth it goes and has to bandage that up .. not so easy typing today.
    HOpe all is wELL with you other wise.

  2. Ooh not nice Sandy cutting your finger! Makes life so difficult. Hope it heals quickly! I’m fine just have to break the bad news to my husband! Lol

  3. Golly... at least it wasn't your computer frying!!

    Actually, you can get microwaves for about £25 nowadays - we had one which was about 12 years old which cost the earth then and we were amazed at how cheap it was. I think we got it from Comet.... and it was more powerful than the old one! The kids like making porridge in the microwave too and since it doesn't involve me washing a saucepan I am happy for them to do it...