Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Curate's Egg of a Day!

So many things going on! Firstly this morning a training session in Truro for my new post as a Tutor Observer. A bit like being a new girl and going off to big school! So much paper work! I rather feel that doing all this form filling in might make me lose the will to live! Grin! However there was a lot of pertinent stuff and I did learn a lot. So could be I'll enjoy doing this and then again..... Time will tell! I had to leave at 12.30 before the session was over as I had to dash back for work. My bread and butter! Traffic was amazingly heavy so I was unable to make a right turn and had to turn left. Fortunately I did vaguely know the way home going this way as Martin uses it all the time. There were some hairy moments when I wondered if I was lost in the wilds of Bissoe but I eventually came out onto a road I knew and then it was downhill all the way. Not literally as Cornwall is a place of hills but I'm sure you knew what I meant.

Dashed in the front door with not a moment to spare as I still had to have some lunch and refresh myself. Was expecting to find a heap of post on the floor so took an extra big step to avoid treading on it with muddy shoes (its been pouring with rain all day!) and landed on a padded envelope which made an ominous crack! Typical isn't it! Normally the post lies neatly on the mat under the door but today it has to land a good two feet out! So very gingerly I opened the package expecting to find I'd broken something. But no the gods were smiling on me and all was fine! And the package contained............ the DVD from Gabrielle! YES! And can you imagine my chagrin in knowing that I couldn't look at it immediately because I had to eat and dash to work? I bet you can't as it was immense! I contemplated taking it to work to watch but decided discretion was the better part of valour! Now I am treating it like a gift that is waiting for me to be completely ready to watch it...clothed and in my right mind! lol So as soon as I've done the dinner I shall be engrossed but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear what I have to say about it! I also got some more Stewart Gill paints and some new scissors in the post which the postman left at my mum's for me as they wouldn't go through the letterbox. So just like a birthday and I'm glad I decided to live this long!

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