Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Early in the morning!

Congratulations, you're an old soul! You've lived
so many times, that you have experienced much
more than the rest of us. It's not certain what
you were in your last life, but you have
probably lived a life of them all. In your
present life, you are wise and knowledgeable,
very creative, and attract people to your
shining soul. Enjoy this life, who knows what
wonderous place you'll go to when it's ended.

What/who were you in your previous life? (Many outcomes and pics)
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It isn't so early now as I've been tempted into looking at blogs on the blogline list. Couldn't resist doing the quiz above! I love these trivial quizzes.........why? I haven't a clue. But I certainly feel as old as this one says I am this morning. Probably because I have a whole day of accounts ahead of me. Martin's this time! And his are much worse than mine. He actually pays tax! So today I have to make a start on and hopefully finish this. I'm trying to work in some time to play but I don't quite see how I can. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not being in my workroom. This is the last day of my holiday and I'm back at work tomorrow so I must be dedicated and not allow myself to back slide. I shall promise myself that tomorrow I will continue with some postcards. I will think about ideas for them while I am number crunching. Anyway off to get dressed and shower. The accounts are calling me!

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  1. The quiz was fun, but way wrong! It says I'm a vagabond and love to travel. Not true, I'm a real homebody, LOL.