Saturday, September 10, 2005

Interesting morning!

Took my mother over to see my sister's new house. It has the most stupendous views over Falmouth Bay and even though it was cloudy/rainy it was fantastic. Her living room and dining room both have enormous windows which look out onto the bay and she is thinking of adding on a conservatory as well. This is the view in one direction and the lighter picture is the view in the other direction stretching to St Anthony's lighthouse and the entrance to Falmouth harbour and the Carrick Roads. The garden is terraced and is very overgrown. Lots of work to do there as it is two acres in all! Only ten minutes walk to one of the little bays that can be seen in the darker picture; lovely for swimming! She has a gate at the bottom of the garden which leads onto the coastal footpath which goes past the beach. Very idyllic.

So I did nothing creative this morning but it was an interesting outing. I managed to take a fascinating picture of a spider which might at a later date inspire me to create something. It really needed someone to hold a piece of white paper behind the web so that it could be clearly seen but my sister isn't into creative things! The web was interesting because the outer part was very close together and the inner part further apart as you might just see. Well I found it interesting!

I'm going to have lunch now which will be a ciabatta roll with vine tomatoes, cheese and mayo. And then a luscious peach! After that when Martin's gone to work I am going to dye! Both threads and fabrics. I am looking forward to using my new longer acrylic boards. My sister has a third garage which would make an ideal dyeing room. However she is turning it into another bedroom as the bungalow only has two at the moment. What a waste! Grin!

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