Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday again!

At least after the hectic weekend today will be calmer. I hope! I have two friends coming for coffee this morning so that will be fun and we can stitch and bitch and show and tell for an hour or two which will be relaxing.

Lisa (from Procrastinator Extraordinaire) if you are reading this I'm getting all my emails I send you back as undeliverable. Are you getting ANY of my emails? Did you get the one about cob cottages for example? I have this problem with my friend Mary in Ohio. Often my emails come trailing back unless I reply immediately using her latest email to me. Oh well such is life! But it would be interesting to know!

So with coffee on the agenda I'm not going to get a lot done this morning. I need to photocopy handout sheets for Thursday/Friday classes. I'll use the photocopier at work so all I need to do is sort out my master sheet. Also need to iron the fabric I stamped with the Stewart Gill paints. I was quite pleased with these as they came out better than I expected. The one I painted freehand is really good. I used a 40" x 20" piece which was already streaky dark blue to light blue up the length and painted curving lines from the bottom up stopping about a third of the way from the top. I was going for a sea theme as I thought I could turn the piece into a hanging with fish and seaweed.

I'll try and take some pictures if there is time and post them later.

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