Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursdays are long days!

Have I said that I find Thursdays long? Well I do! They go on ALL day and well into the night and then I'm exhausted! And its not that I dislike Thursdays because I don't. The morning is all mine, the afternoon passes and the evening is the first one of my classes and always goes by quickly. It is just that there is so much to do and also I am teaching three different things in my two hour class of 13 students. Most of them are making sampler quilts which is no hassle, two are doing crazy patchwork which isn't difficult and one is making an applique quilt which needs a lot of input from me. By the time I get home I've lived three lives! But its fun and I do sell them oodles of my hand-dyed fabric so I'm not complaining. I'm just tired!
Yesterday I watched the first DVD of Gabrielle's Hand Applique Masterclass. To see the link go to yesterday. There are two DVD's in the pack and I was going to watch the second one tonight but I just can't do it. I don't have the strength. So it will have to wait until tomorrow night. I am very impressed with this Masterclass. It is definitely worth having and watching. Nicely set out and Gabrielle has a yummy accent. Very classy! lol It was just like having her in the room with me and explaining all the things I know I ought to do but don't. Well lets face it I don't do hand applique if I can help it! I am a machinist through and through. But this was a treat to watch and I even learnt a few things! Wowie! If you are into hand applique rush and get this 'cos its just what you need and Gabrielle telling you about background fabrics and colour is so useful and informative. I have absolutely no affiliation with her and this is said because I like the DVD and not because I'm getting a hand out! lol Mind you I now feel as if I know her! And she is so skinny! Don't you just hate that? Tomorrow I shall be able to order the Tools II DVD and if it is as good as this one I shall be over the moon as the subject matter is more up my street.
I spent the afternoon tracing and photocopying my moon shapes for my project. I did several sizes and played around with the placement of them. It was interesting as I cut them all out in white paper - no colour at all - and the effect was completely different. I now have to pull some fabrics and then use the colours to colour the shapes and see how I like it. The size has crept up to a piece about 24 inches. Possibly not square but I don't know yet. Until I am happy with the whole shape I won't worry about the size and colour of the background. This will be dictated to a large extent by the colours I choose for the 'ball'. I am thinking that I will dye a graduated piece in the chosen colour. So that the orb shape will be rising up with the colours of the background. This is the main project I'm doing now apart from fibre postcards. I really love doing these tiny pieces as they assuage my thirst for creativity and immediacy.
Now I'm going to go and collapse before I lose the will to live! There is too much potential for this in my life at the moment so I'm trying to be very up! Onwards and upwards! Into a delicious bubbly scented bath! Ooh yes!
Sorry no pictures but I will post the project pictures when I've done a bit more to it.

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely compliments, Val. It means so much coming from someone with your skills and talent.