Saturday, September 10, 2005

Disaster strikes!

I have had a disaster! There is no other word for it. I put my new longer length acylic boards on the table. First covering the table with plastic sheeting. The boards were a wee bit long for the table and hung over the edge but I thought nothing of it. I layered up the first set of half metre pieces and started slathering the dye on. Looking good. Then I heard the ominous sound of dripping and blow me but the acrylic had bent slightly where it had overhung the table and dye was slowly dripping onto the carpet! Now I am only 5ft 5ins with short legs and arms! There was no way I could contain both these drips at the same time though for a moment I did try. Imagine a scene out of a Marx Brothers comedy, well that was me! I can hear you asking why didn't I put paper on the floor. Well in all the many years I've been dyeing in this tiny kitchen/diner I have never had this happen. I mean I don't do mess! I am organised and tidy! And also the board I used to date was exactly the same size as the table! What more can I tell you! So I rushed madly around like a headless chicken trying to mop up drips and stop more drips from happening. I did put paper down over the puddle on the carpet...I should say puddles. And I have still to clean up these puddles but first I need to recover from the crawling around like the hunch back of Notre Dame. I'm not sure I will ever be a straight person again! My back is permanently bent! So then I found two lengths of 4 x 2 and stuck one each end under the acrylic to support it and it worked. Now why didn't I think of this first? Because I'm an idiot! That's why! And of course with all this frantic trying to be either two people or one person in two places I splashed drips from the mopping cloth over my beautiful dyed pieces layed out on top of the board. I damn near cried I was so upset! It was pathetic. Grown woman weeping over wet dyed fabric on dining table. So in desperation I over painted with a darker colour which changed the piece entirely and wasn't what I had in mind in the first place! I'm now just waiting for it to wash out so I can see how awful it is! And I HAVE to do something about the carpet as I don't think Martin will be too impressed. He is very easy going on the whole with the things I do but this is a drip too far! And then I ate a muffin (English) with blueberry jam and slatherings of thick cream. I like that word slatherings! Well it works for me! And after the first mouthful I didn't feel like any more but of course I ate it all and now I feel sick! Ugh! So I'm going to watch a silly, stupid DVD which will hopefully make me laugh and then I'll go clean the carpet!

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