Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am trying to be good and get on with work this morning but actually what I'd really like to do is read a good book and drink coffee! However I have been in the workroom for a couple of hours pulling fabric to make theme packs. I now have a glorious mess up there in both rooms. A big disappointment was that the navy fabric I dyed for the sashing on my quilt isn't the same quality fabric as the rest of the quilt. I bought a new lot of the same fabric...100% Egyptian cotton .... and it looks the same. Needs a lot of washing to bring out its handle but even after scouring, dyeing twice and then all the washings after each dyeing it still is stiffer than the previous batch. What was so nice about the original batch was that it washed up to a really nice soft piece of fabric. So I don't know what to do now. Whatever I'm not going to do it in a hurry. But its a pity as the feel of the quilt is so soft so far!
My disastrous dyeing of yesterday turned out better than I expected. The spotty piece though darker was actually quite good when it was finally dots. The trouble with dots is that unless they are planned they always look as if you've had an accident with the dye. So overall the fabric was OK and didn't need to be overdyed, bleached or otherwise added to at this moment. The carpet was another matter and I think when I finally see Martin I might get my eye in a sling as my granny would say! Grin! Its not bad just different! Unfortunately though even a blind man on a galloping horse would see it! Oh well. When we replace the flooring I shall insist on tiles!

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