Friday, September 23, 2005

This is bad!

This is bad! Two quizzes in one day! The world will end! But I couldn't resist and I am that pink person! Grin!

Your Power Color Is Magenta

At Your Highest:

You energize yourself and push others to suceed.

At Your Lowest:

You feel frustrated and totally overwhelmed.

In Love:

You are suprised by who you attract. You're a love magnet.

How You're Attractive:

Open and free spirited, people want to explore the world with you.

Your Eternal Question:

"What is my next source of inspiration?"

And I am starting a new project and getting my swap postcards done. So I'm allowed to be frivolous for a bit. Now that classes are underway I feel more liberated. Time has become mine own again. The class this morning was very good and most enjoyable for me and all concerned I hope. I do like Friday classes ...they always move so well. It was good to see you Pam! I like putting faces to names.
So I have had a million ideas over the past month and one of them has clicked and I've actually started working on it. I had already done some tentative playing around with the concept of the idea before I went to Scotland, and produced something tangible to work with but pressure of work stopped me from continuing with it. So now to enlarge on it. I feel re-born. A good feeling. I shall write more about it tomorrow and post pictures of my early drawings. This I feel could provide inspiration for several pieces of work and I've got ideas in my head for a group piece as well.
My step by step processes for a new piece of work are simple. I go through a staring into space period and just muse and then I play with shapes, cut them out, colour them and stick them on paper in an integrated fashion. I'm now going to enlarge the pieces and use proper colours rather than the six tatty coloured crayons we have at work. If I can organise some strength I'll do this tonight but otherwise I'll do it tomorrow. Actually I think I shall go and soak my feet in a bowl of warm water with lovely soothing lotion in it and then lie on my back with my feet in the air. By Friday I am normally tired but when I'm teaching as well I'm shattered! Its all the standing and the yacking! Going to buy art supplies in the morning. Must be restrained! Grin

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  1. Now this is a process I can adapt to...staring into space, forget the crayons and go right to soaking and lotion....yep, an art form I can handle.