Thursday, September 22, 2005

What's with this early lark?

For the second morning running I've been unable to sleep and have been up at the crack of dawn. Is it angst over getting ready for classes or am I just getting more energy from the detox which by the way I am still adhering too. Hard at times but I've made sure I've got lots of the right foods in the fridge and larder.

Things to do:

Sort out Husqvarna sewing machine for taking to class
Make sure I've got everything I need ready as I won't have time tonight
Update class list on laptop
Colour sort fabric for class
Quilt some more sampler blocks
Make a casserole for dinner tonight

Busy day looms so I must be away. My thoughts are with everyone in the Gulf states as Rita advances. It is the first item on the news this morning so will follow its progress throughout the day on the hourly updates.

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