Sunday, September 04, 2005

My new best friend!

My new best friend is my lovely new to me steam press. Wow does it make short work of pressing all that dyed fabric. It is fantabulous! In fact words fail me! I can hear the sighs of relief from over here but the lack of words will only be temporary! Grin! And what is even more perfect is that it folds up and takes up very little storage space which has got to be a bonus when you are working in a minute space like I am! I actually managed NOT to burn myself when arranging smaller bits in between its jaws. This has to be a record as I am the most scarred woman in the universe. I can almost write my life history going by my scars! Someone once told my that we change our skin every seven years. Well if that is true my skin is long overdue for changing!

I had fun today overdyeing my fabrics from yesterday. I call these fabrics Dolly Mixtures as they are all sorts - lots of colours in one piece and randomly placed. Well I have just tried four times to insert a picture here and it isn't having any of it. So either there will be four exact same pictures or none! I'll have to revert to Picasa.

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