Monday, September 19, 2005

Why is it?

Why is it that when things go wrong they go wrong in groups? Why is it that as soon as one is on a roll and sewing up a storm the phone suddenly goes ballistic? Why is it that as soon as one has a brilliant idea there isn't enough fabric to complete it? That's the kind of day I've been having and its been compounded by the fact that stupidly I lifted something heavy which set my tennis elbow off and tonight by the fact that my broadband internet connection has been playing fast and loose with my favourite sites. Those I don't want to look at it will open, those I desperately want to see it says it can't be done and sulks. And its gone very cold and I feel as if its winter not just autumn. However this could be because I am still wearing summer clothes as it was a lovely sunny day and I didn't realise when I got up this morning that at six pm summer was suddenly going to end. And even though I've got jumpers on I am too lazy to go and find socks so my feet are cold. And if you're feet are cold then the rest of you will be cold regardless and you'll feel I do!

Tonight we had cold sliced chicken with an avocado salad and tomatoes plus a mayonnaise dressing. It was a meal for summer! Tomorrow I plan warming soups with home made bread and casseroles and jacket potatoes but I bet you it warms up as soon as I serve them and then Martin will start talking about having the last bbq of the year! We've had six last bbq's so far! I am doing a detox as I need to feel fitter and lose some weight. At the moment I am feeling very inspired and thinner. Having got so far I can count today as day one and go to bed feeling eminently good. Will I be able to keep it up tomorrow? I think so, and also tomorrow evening I go shopping and so can buy the right foods to keep me on the straight and narrow. Its very simple. It means no sugar which immediately cuts out cakes and things; no wheat and no dairy. This means no coffee but I can survive without it. I have porage oats or rye bread so that solves the no wheat dilema and I can just about live with the no dairy. Its the cheese I'll miss and the cream. But after a fortnight I can add dairy back little by little and if I start gaining again and feeling bloated then I'll just cut out that particular food. It is an easy detox and works if I can stick with it. I like to go into the winter cleaned out and thinner as all those warming winter foods stick to the bones! And I've been eating junk food lately as if there were no tomorrow! Now having published all this will it shame me into keeping going? I'm going to go and soak in a hot tub with deliciously smelling oils and creams. Clean from the outside in!


  1. I'm sorry Valeri, but I'm sitting here was the line about the last 6 bbq's...but yes, the season has come to a close...unless you live in Australia where their summer is coming up!

  2. and you were the one that posted that photo of that bowl of SIN the other day...which I haven't duplicated yet but I think I have gone and looked at that photo more than once...I wish you the best of good intentions ( I have lots of them ) and I wish I could keep them for any length of time...BTW I noticed that you were able to create your artist statement with out the dreaded "I" ...happy bathing...Ginger