Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back to normal

I've just done a load of dyeing and now I feel quite normal! It was such a delight to tear up fabric, skein up silk ribbon and mix up dyes. I've done basic dyeing as I'm going to overdye tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to twist Martin's arm into taking me to a DIY store so I can buy some 6ft acrylic panels for putting the fabric on. The panels I use at the moment are only 4ft 6ins and not long enough. This isn't a problem if I'm scrunching fabric up but if I want it to be flat then its a bother. Well today it decided to not be long enough and I now have a purple chair seat where the dye quietly dripped over the edge of the sheet! I was obviously sloshing it on with gay abandon. I never did like the chair seats and have been meaning to cover them for ages. This is just forcing my hand. As I also have a small foot stool that my sister gave me that also needs covering this will be a good time to do it/them. Anyway now that my life is back into its familiar routine I can feel at home and relax. Going on holiday is good as it stretches the mind and allows new things to take route but its also nice to come home and implement the new things! I have too much stuff and I'm going to have another big clear out - eventually! Now I'm going to bed to appreciate the fact that it isn't hard and lumpy or soft and squishy but just right as Goldilocks would say! That's another thing about going away, it makes you appreciate what you've got! And getting away and looking back with the long view makes all the difference. So often we are too close to the problem that we can't see the wood for the trees. So I'm going to go on holiday more often!


  1. What a great idea..enforced holidays. I find myself working every day...Monday through Sunday. Not that I don't love it but you are so right the batteries need recharging. Think I will go cook something ghastly for me diet and sit on the sofa with a good book.

  2. Is acrylic the same as plexiglass? I wanted something flat and smooth to dye on, but the plexiglass I "thought" I wanted was going to be over $50 for one piece... Not in my budget!