Monday, September 05, 2005

I have been SO Good!

I have really been good today. I deserve a medal. I've spent the whole day, well apart from the hour I went to the bank first thing, doing my accounts. And they are all done bar the shouting! It has been so tedious. I've been thinking of the things I want to be doing in my workroom but I was strong and resisted the call from above. I was late getting into town and so couldn't find a parking place and had to walk some way. Well it was good for me but really I was wanting to save time. Couldn't resist buying some taramasalata to eat with the olive rolls I had. It was so delicious! With chopped baby plum tomatoes sprinkled with basil it was a feast for a king. Lunch has never been so good. Should have taken a picture but nothing lasted long enough...I was hungry! It was seeing all the food pictures on other blogs that made me suddenly want to eat! And the talk on Deborah's blog of banana loaf with blueberries has made me keen to have a go at making one! It sounds delightful! But she didn't give a recipe so I must go and look for one.

Got to go and make dinner. We are going to have chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon with brocolli and carrots and a cheese sauce. Icecream to follow as its simple. I'm all for simple! Might make a toffee sauce for it!

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