Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm broke!

Wowee I've had the most splendiferous morning spending money! This is always fun! I had arranged to go over to Sue's house this morning instead of her coming to me as usually happens because the art shops I wanted to go to are in Redruth not Falmouth. So I duly set off and arrived only to find that she, silly moo that she is, had gone over to me! Grin So after phone calls back and forth she eventually arrived back home! Then we set off on the great buying spree. First we went to Lawrence's on the industrial estate at Barncoose. I'm putting all these geographical references in for anyone local who wants to go and see! Lawrence's is an amazing art store and I used to visit them regularly when I was in London but now they've moved out of London and are very handy! Couldn't have chosen a better place to re-locate to! While Sue drooled over card making stuff and hand made paper I got stuck in to choosing some more Markal paint sticks. It was hard so obviously I had to buy quite a few in case when I got home I found that I just needed the one colour I hadn't bought. Brought out my plastic friend and then we were on our way again. This time into Redruth town where we parked in the Flowerpot Car Park and walked halfway down the high street to Arts and Graphics. This shop has moved and although in smaller premises since I last went there it still seems to have everything I wanted. Bought way to many Stewart Gill fabric paints and some more Glitterati Fusible film which is like Angelina but isn't! I had to avert my eyes from lots of interesting things as by now the plastic friend was beginning to feel tired! Laden down now with packages we started back up the hill (Redruth is on a hill and if you go down you have to go up! Very tiring!) and hit all the charity shops on our side of the road. I bought a book.....I am a sucker for books. This one is trivial and will be ideal for odd idle moments if I get any! I also bought two grey skirts. One is to wear now and is long, jersy and slightly flared. The other is a size smaller than I usually wear and is buttoned up the front with large buttons, is made of a ribbed corduroy type fabric but isn't corduroy and has a welt top and fitted waist. The other one had an elastic waist which is good! Having bought this small....and it looks minute!...skirt I shall have to be very very good and stick with the new regime. So far I have lost nearly 6lbs! But looking at myself I think it must have gone from inside because the outside of me looks the same! I also got some lovely crinkly shining plasticky kind of paper/foil which will be lovely for sewing over. Or burning/melting. Or fusing or just anything that comes to mind.
So a good time was had by all. I was careful not to elaborate too much when asked what I had bought when I saw Martin. Its always better to fudge these things in the first instance. And if he's not too sure of exactly what I have in my workroom he can't ask me searching questions as to when I'm going to use any of that expensive such and such I bought several days, weeks or months ago. And I do remind him from time to time that searching amongst my goodies I am often able to help him out with a piece of rubber tubing or a specific glue for THE CAR!
Its time for tiffin now and then I shall go and play. New project has been put on hold because I tried enlarging with my printer; telling it to print as poster and all it did was enlarge the middle and print that and only that. So I shall take it into work and do it there. There are compensations at having to work at a normal job. Here is a small picture of where I'm starting from. This is the original cut out and stuck on tatty original plan. More work to do on it as I have ideas!

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