Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Next Step

Looking at the pictures I took of my messy house and workroom I almost felt depressed. Notice the almost! It is this word that stops me from quickly buckling down to a major clean up, clear out and space maker operation. Because as soon as I have two things in my hand meaning to get rid of one of them my brain goes into overload! It immediately tells me of at least a dozen instances where I might need to use BOTH of them! When I cleared out my wardrobe in the summer I had to take the bag with the rejects STRAIGHT to the charity shop before I could start pulling things out with feeble excuses as to why I needed them! I have a problem Houston! This space craft is on overload! I need HELP! However all is not lost because I have thought of a way of overcoming this. I am going to empty everything in my boxes onto my bed and then only keep half the number of boxes. So if I want to go to bed at night I shall have to get rid of the overflow. It will make me selective and I know that if it comes to bedtime and there is still stuff on the bed Martin will deal with it in minutes! LOL Well its worth a try. I'm going to start Friday with the fabric boxes as he doesn't get in until 5.0am! So lots of time! Hopefully at the weekend I'll be able to say - My name is Valeri, I am a fabricholic but I have cut back! And I can send stuff to unsuspecting people who might have once been my friends but won't be when I add to their problems with my throwouts! Evil grin! And then the threads, the books, the art stuffs, the paper, the UFO's, the files, the tools, the whatever's left! Wouldn't it be simpler to move?

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  1. Sounds like a plan! I'm at the same stage of cleaning / organizing, and if I could follow your plan of disposing of half the boxes and baskets, things would be infinitely better. At present, I'm not having much success getting rid of old collage items, but then the idea of sending stuff to unsuspecting people really has appeal!!