Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday all day!

It is a horrendously windy day. So windy that the recycling tubs and bags had to be staked down so as not to blow away before the recycling truck came round and liberated them. And then of course being empty and unstaked they blew even further. I've just come in from rounding mine up and it was like being in a whirlwind! I can feel for you people who have suffered hurricanes. The only good thing was that it isn't and wasn't raining!
Today has been most productive. I have tidied even more of the workroom by putting the odd piles of fabric sitting on top of books into labelled boxes or thrown away those pieces that were too small for use in the near future. Just by doing this the room looks better. And I felt so empowered by this small foray into tidiness that I finished off the smaller of my two leaf hangings. This is the first one with the stamped woven turquoisy/grey fabric as background. I am quite pleased with it but I wish I'd done the background stitching first. The thing is I didn't know whether I wanted to do any but when the leaves were stitched it needed it so as not to look bare. I've even put a hanging sleeve on so it can be hung up! Martin bought me the dowelling yesterday at my favourite store. You guessed it....Trago's! Pictures later.
I have all my things ready for class tonight and have done all handouts and samples that I hadn't already done. I shall write up my class plan this afternoon. As we have just had a week's break tonight's class is going to focus on re-inforcement of rotary cutting techniques and quick sew techniques as it is amazing how quickly these things can be forgotten by absolute beginners. The more advanced in the class are doing other things anyway. It is quite a juggling act to cater for so many different projects! But fun!
Wow! The sun has come out and I've got to go to work. Isn't that just the pits. I could have had an hour in the garden getting it under control! But then again it is still windy so would I have wanted to! No!

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  1. It was windy round our way as well. I had to go on the train to Abergavenny to get my son's Christmas present (Argos in Newport had sold out) and when I was there a shop sign (one of those stand-up ones) blew all the way down the street! I got thoroughly wet too...