Friday, September 02, 2005

More, much more!

Today was such a contrast in weather to the last week. If only we could have had this glorious hot sunshine in Scotland it would have been wonderful. However they are still having rainy weather up there so we are better off down here.

We spent one day going to see Falkland Palace with Andrew's girlfriend Mel. This was a lovely fairytale palace with turrets and pointed towers. This was a holiday home for the Stuart kings and queens especially Mary Queen of Scots. The tennis courts built for James V in 1539 are the oldest in Britain. In the grounds are the remains of Falkland Castle which was a much older building. A large part of the royal apartments was destroyed by fire when Oliver Cromwell's soldiers were quartered here. It was a lovely place to visit but unfortunately pictures weren't allowed to be taken inside. The queen's apartments were furnished beautifully and I would have liked to have taken some photos. The insert picture facility isn't working so I will have to use Picassa to put the photo in that I was going to insert here. It is of the front of the palace as seen from the road. The whole of this little village was very picturesque with oldy worldy dwellings and shops. We had the most delicious carrot cake in a small tea room complete with beamed ceilings and ornate fireplace. It was called Kindly Kitty's Kitchen! And the small craft shop up the road sold wonderful homemade chutneys and jams. However I was disappointed to see that they were selling cheap quilts made in China! When they have all this local quilting talent I don't know how they can do this!

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