Friday, June 03, 2005

another day, another doughnut!

Well I had a great birthday but the curry didn't agree with me and I've spent most of today being sick! Hope this isn't symptomatic of the year to come! Felt I've had a wasted day as I've done zilch. Got up the energy this evening to sort through some fabrics and found the most wonderful pieces of Indian chiffon all beaded and embroidered. Would have posted some pics but you've been saved as I just couldn't rake up the energy! Maybe tomorrow. Got out some of my UFO's which I'm determined to get finished this summer. This one I've been working on for the last two years on and off. If I can get it finished by July it will be for my sister. The important word there is IF! I want to cut more of the tulle away and add some beads and possibly sequins plus I've found some lovely crinkly thread which might be fun to wind on the bobbin and work upside down to create some bobbin roses. I'm not short of ideas just time! This piece started off as a piece of ordinary taffeta which I then bonded with a destressed nappy liner. The nappy liner had been crayoned over with Markal sticks in various colours and gold. It made a wonderful texture to work on. Then I used built in stitches on my machine to make lines going across the piece. I then cut out and bonded on weird shapes in yellow and green and I free machined randomly across these. A layer of grey gauze was then placed over everything and using my circle tool I satin stitched circles. This was a very tedious process and I got bored doing it! I like the variegated metallic thread. Then I cut some of the gauze away which gave an interesting effect and that's as far as I've got.

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  1. WOW. I've read about using nappy liners but I haven't a CLUE what they look like - could you possibly post a pic?

    I love the way the circles unjify this piece. I hope you keep going with it!