Friday, June 24, 2005

Finished - 1 UFO!

Feeling very pleased with myself as not only did I get a whole pile of freezer paper applique flowers onto fabric but I also finished a UFO! I started this more years ago than I care to remember. I read an article in Threads magazine about weaving with beads and thread and thought I'd have a go. So at long last I have finished it. It just needs some kind of cord to hang round the neck. The picture doesn't do it justice! It is a beautiful emerald green wool with a deep azure blue mohair wool. The beads are mainly turquoise with some gold metal fillers. I have been so pleased with this that I have started another one. I work them on polystyrene board using pins to hold the warp and then use a crochet hook to put the beads on and a raffia needle to weave in between. Its great fun to do! Woven textiles was my second major in college. I still have a 30" four shaft table loom on top of my wardrobe! I did have two big treadle four shaft looms but ran out of space so they had to be sold. What I really wanted was an upright Rya frame. Probably just as well I haven't got one or else nothing would get done. I'm now thinking how I could make beads out of some of my heat shrunk and dessicated plastic and then use those in a woven piece. Could be very interesting.

Tomorrow I have a show in a local village community centre. Don't know how well I'll do but it will be fun. All is ready and I have made lists galore so that I don't forget anything. I usually do! As long as its not my fabric it won't really matter. Have been using Serif Page Plus 10 to make my labels etc and it really is a very useful desktop publishing program. Very easy to use and the results are good. Now to put them in a bag so they don't get forgotten. At least the weather is cooler so hopefully people won't be on the beach and will be excited at the thought of going to a show! Just as long as it doesn't rain! We had thunder storms last night and whereas we didn't suffer too much up country it was dire with flooding and lost electricity. I know people in the Truro area who had direct hits and suffered the consequences. But it is much cooler so I don't think we are at risk of more thunder.


  1. That's nice. Have you looked at Bonnie's work over on:

    Sorry, don't know how to post a link in a comment!

  2. Thanks Kay Susan. I went and had a look at this site and was impressed so added it to my links. I don't do a lot of this but when I'm doing it I wonder why I don't do more as it always looks impressive. And I don't know how to post a link either!