Thursday, June 16, 2005

Look and find everything but....

I tried to find some pictures of the old engine houses that are so typical of tin mining countryside but no I obviously haven't taken any! However I did find a view looking down so that the settling pits can be seen in relation to the surrounding countryside. And I found this photo of one of my students pieces for her final year presentation. She was inspired by the debris and detritus that is washed up on our beaches. Most of it was done by machine with found objects off the beach and fishing net as a background. She had great fun doing it. All of the pieces were done individually and then attached afterwards. I live a five minutes walk from the beach and it is a great source of inspiration. From rough seas to fascinating rock pools. Caves to explore and treasure to find including sea glass and cowrie shells. I used to spend all day on the beach when I was a child. We were never bored and learnt to swim at an early age. Now I'm taking my 2 and 1/2 year old grand-daughter to the beach and hoping she will enjoy it just as much. She already has an enquiring mind and likes to look under rocks and stones to see what she can find and brings home stones and shells in her bucket.

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