Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Tomorrow the new bed I've bought is being delivered and they are taking the old bed away! I had the bright idea of bringing the old bed down into the sitting room and sleeping on it there tonight so that I could thoroughly clean the bedroom carpet which hasn't seen the light of day for the last twelve years! They arrive at 9.00am tomorrow and I really didn't fancy getting up at the crack of dawn. So I hit my husband with this bright idea at breakfast this morning when I knew he wouldn't have time to make objections. Give him too much time to think about it and I could see all sorts of reasons would come to him as to why this was a bad idea! So we have done this and I am exhausted! We live in a small house and man handling a double bed down the stairs is not my idea of fun. It's going to feel as if we are camping tonight. As good as a holiday! Cheap at that! Can't wait to have a new bed and get a decent night's sleep! So I haven't done anything this evening and now I'm too tired to start.

Made lots of lists today as to what I've got to do and what I want to do. Seeing it all written down on paper makes it all seem more manageable and also makes me feel enthusiastic. I have a pieced landscape block that I am starting to work on. I love using ric rac and thinking of different ways of attaching it. Most of my blocks have ric rac in them somewhere. It makes a good edging and I have in mind to use it round photo printed cameos to make them stand out. My favourite stitch is feather stitch closely followed by chain stitch. These two stitches together make some wonderful patterns especially with added pistol stitches. And beads....lots of beads!

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