Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Voyage of Discovery

It has been a dull damp day and I spent the morning sorting through various boxes in my workroom basically looking at and for photos. I came across some crazy patchwork that I'd done some years ago. It brought back lots of memories! The crazy patchwork I do now is much bolder and I use a lot more silk ribbon work. The first piece is of a very early block I made when I was into swapping blocks with friends on the original CQ list. I made scrip bags for several of my friends and one for myself. I still have this bag and it has been used constantly and still looks good. I was worried that the embroidery and beadwork would wear out but it hasn't. These bags hold lots of stuff and are very deceptive to look at. I had three students in my last years patchwork class doing crazy patchwork and they did some amazing stuff. It was encouraging to see the enthusiasm with which they worked. Like me they liked delving into bags of scrap fabrics and fondling the silks and satins; playing with beads and collecting fancy braids. This is such a satisfying form of patchwork to do as it encompasses so many of the 'gentle arts'. From punch needle work to applique to silk ribbon embroidery there is some form of needlecraft to please everyone. And beads...........I love beads. I like to collect the broken limpet shells off the beach and attach them to a piece of crazy patchwork and then have beads dangling out of the broken top. You can see an example of this on the scrip bag below.

I have organised the weeks ahead by making myself a 'to do' list with all my tasks itemised including the UFO's. I enjoyed doing this but then I am basically a list person and will achieve the list even if I don't achieve all that is on it. Hope springs eternal!

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