Thursday, June 23, 2005


Today I got sidetracked! Yesterday some fabric I'd ordered for my dyeing arrived and although it purported to be exactly the same as the stuff I'd had before wasn't! I dyed a sample metre and it isn't bad but it isn't the same! So this morning I got involved in sorting out exactly what it was I wanted in a fabric with my suppliers. I'm now keeping my fingers crossed! So the morning just frittered away without me doing anything terribly creative. I seemed to spend a great chunk of it on the phone. So no playing! And when I thought I'd use up a half hour and stitch some applique motifs together I found that the roll of freezer paper I'd used wasn't actually freezer paper. It stuck to the iron and after reassuring myself that I'd not got it the wrong way round I realised that it had wax on both sides and neither side stuck very well...not even to the iron! So all that has to be redone. I then got all wound up with monofilament thread which wouldn't play nice. So all in all to date a good time wasn't had by me! Off to enjoy a bbq! I'm so optimistic!


  1. Oh Valeri, I can really relate to that. I had big plans for today also, but was sidetracked by one kid, fresh out of school for the year needing this and that all morning and the other needing a ride to the movies in the afternoon followed by my getting sick and having to leave in the middle of the movie. And I was enjoying it, too! Tomorrow will have to be better. Thanks for playing this week. I enjoy seeing what others come up with. Any idea what you'll do with the heat shrunk plastic and fabric?

  2. Hi Lisa. I want to continue playing this weekend after I've done this show. I have lots of ideas. I'm wondering whether I'll weave some of the heat shrunk plastic into the hessian. I've got some metallic sheets that I might incorporate. In fact I'm churning with ideas without the time to work on them. Story of my life!
    I'm sorry you are sick and hope you feel better soon. Its probably the weather. Cold to hot just like that! Well here anyway!