Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Last day

This will be the last entry in my blog for a week as I'm off to London tomorrow evening. Hopefully it won't be as hot as it has been. It is a year since I last went so I'm looking forward to it. My husband has bought me a new mobile phone and I have spent the whole of today learning how to use it. This may sound funny but when it comes to mobile phones I am so inept! I can just about send and receive and I used to be able to send text messages on my old phone. But this one has all the bell's and whistles including a camera. I just can't see me using half of this stuff. The reason he's done this is because he's fedup with ringing me and finding that I'm not available because my battery has run out. I'm so bad at charging up batteries and the old phone only used to go for a couple of days. This one though goes for over a week so I'll be able to get into the habit of charging it up at the weekends. Its got a good organiser so I could set up a reminder! There was no instruction manual with it as although new to me its not new as such. So I downloaded one off the internet and its huge! I'm a bit of an instruction manual junkie and read them from cover to cover. Its the only way to learn quickly! So I'll probably lug this up to London with me and try and learn my way around.

This is a Crazy Cutz quilt that I have to quilt. It is another of my six hour tops and really quick to do. Again all hand-dyes. I think I'm going to outline quilt leaves all over it as it is very Autumnal in its colour. This will be a job for when I get back.

This is what I call my Tardis bag as it holds an enormous amount of stuff. Its very easy to make and quick. I'm into bags! The flower is appliqued on and then beads added for the stamens. I think I have made this bag in every colour and type of fabric under the sun. Each time it gets improved upon so it now almost perfect!


  1. A Tardis bag, that is brilliant!
    Have a good time in London, and good luck with the phone. I'm the same way with my cell phone, my son always has to show me how to use it.

  2. have a good time away...I will miss your daily posts..you are so good at posting daily...and always such wonderful art...we used to watch the good doctor...when the kids were little..I'll have to ask them if they remember...Ginger

  3. Have a nice time in London... hope you find lots of yummy fabrics! Love the tardis bag.

    I am lucky to have a 13 year old son who knows everything about mobile phones...