Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm back!

Well after a hectic few days I'm back. Loaded down with fabric, trimmings, threads etc. The time went so quickly! It was lovely seeing my daughter and grand-daughter and I do wish that they lived nearer! Three hundred miles is a long way! Caroline, my daughter, is expecting another baby in about four weeks time so that will be exciting and entail another visit in the near future! I spent a lot of time this visit sorting her computer out for her. She is taking reflexology exams soon and needed to be able to print out her notes. And I did lots of weeding in her allotment. So I feel that I was useful! After all isn't that what mum's are for! I am glad to be home though to sleep in my own bed!

The fabric I bought is lovely. Gorgeous colours and lovely silky textures. Lots of laces and braids and we went to a car boot sale on the Sunday morning the other side of Epping Forest and I was able to find a vendor selling half used cones of metallic threads and ribbons. In fact some didn't look as if very much had gone at all. All good for the stash! Plus for 50p I bought a beaded evening purse that has a good £10 worth at least of beads on it! Lovely metallic ones in bugles and rocailles. Some of the bugles are twisted which is even better. The purse is lovely and the only thing is will I be able to bring myself to chop it up!

I had a great time but its good to be back. I was beginning to yearn for some stitching to do!

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