Friday, July 15, 2005

The heat is getting to me!

Today I managed to lock myself out of my house! Fortunately my husband is mad about having ALL the windows open; unfortunately I was in my nightgown! So there was this disheveled nightgowned figure trying to climb in through a downstairs window in full view of the neighbours! I know they think I'm mad! The biggest problem was the junk on the window sill and the fact that I have short legs! But I made it without showing too much of me ....I hope! And when I got inside I realised that I could have gone through the garage and come in the back door! Its the heat I tell ya!
In spite of that or even because of that I managed to achieve two more blocks which means I am now a third of the way through the blocks. So if you are counting that means that I have done five! I kept telling myself that if I did two I could stop and have coffee and sit in the sun. In the event I sat and had coffee and read other people's blogs and got involved with the 'to blog or not to blog' discussions on the QA list. Personally I like blogs and now that I have found Bloglines or whatever its called life is so much simpler. If a blog has been updated it tells me and I rush to read it! If nothing has been updated I trawl the rings and find some more blogs to like and add them in. At this rate I'll spend all day reading blogs. But they are better than websites as I feel that I am getting to know the writers and what makes them tick. Why they do there 'art' and what motivates them. Also I get LOTS of ideas! And ideas is what its all about!
I've uploaded a few more pictures to go with the gravestones from Mylor church. The church is very old, dating from the reign of Stephen (c1130) and has a lovely Norman door. (see picture) It is on the banks of the River Fal and has a very old Celtic cross in the graveyard which is supposed to have been marking the grave of St Mylor. It is a lovely old church of which there are many in Cornwall. I especially love graveyards and gravestones. It is so sad these days that in the interests of neatness these are no longer being allowed in many churches.


  1. I agree with you about blogs and bloglines has made it an even better experience,

    sorry but your little drama made me laugh, I could visulise it so well especially when you realized you could have got back in with dignity :o)

    one of the things I love about moving to the island is we don't get 'too hot' but we do get loooong light evenings, at the moment it only goes dusky (not dark) for about 5 hours in 24,

    in the highlands and islands graveyards are not near churches and I realized that they are all near the coast probably because until the mid 20 century boat was the main mode of transport,

  2. just noticed after I posted this that your time is an hour out as it says 6.30 but it is 7.30, could it be because you are in cornwall :o) and blogger doesn't! realize that the uk is on one time
    or it 'is' on greenwich and not british summertime, I'll have to check mine I never bother with the time so do not know if it is correct,

  3. sorry Valeri I just did a test post on my blog and the time was right, so can't help, Frances,