Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Very Good Day!

Today has been good! The weather is cooler with a nice refreshing breeze and I've spent most of the day so far updating my website. Of the yucky boring fabrics I got from my dyeing session yesterday there were a few exciting pieces. One of these was just like the vaulting in a cathedral. The picture doesn't show it at its best. Do they ever? I really like this piece and it will be hard to part with it. There were also some lovely squared pieces in longer lengths with interesting bubble marks and lines. And a piece that looked just as if chains had been laid over it. The picture below doesn't show this in enough detail unfortunately. Anyway the day wasn't totally wasted. The more boring and mudane of the pieces I'll over paint with fabric paints or discharge and re-dye. To be honest I don't think my mind was really on what I was doing. The colours were on the whole dark. But they will be useful additions to the collection.

I then made a page with a collection of quilts done by one of my students. These are mainly cot quilts and in delicate colours. She doesn't have a website and I said I'd put them up for her. So nice to be making a new page rather than adding to or generally rearranging an old page. And so much quicker. I ought to really start from scratch and get rid of all the old formating so that it is simpler to do.

Today's UFO to be allowed to see the light is this:-

A 20" square of dupion which has been silk painted using a flour and water paste resist. It is in the same scheme of things as the Indian cushions I put up a few days ago. However this one didn't get started on the embellishment for whatever reason. As well as the silk paint in turquoise and purple there is also gold paint on it as well and I though I might use gold metallic thread to free machine all over it and then couch thicker threads in deeper purples and teals with lots of added beads. It could be interesting to fill the circles with beads. Then it would have to be a cushion for interest and not for sitting against as it would be too uncomfortable! At this rate I am never going to be short of something to do!


  1. Valeri, please peep at Sat commments box ( for your beautiful Cathedral work) accidentely posted in wrong box ( must have been the red wine lol!!

  2. I found it Pam! Nice to know that someone else see's similar images in fabric as I do! This piece is even better in the flesh!

  3. like minded!!! I have been playing with flour resists too!! I like yours better...but I'll keep trying..Ginger