Monday, July 11, 2005

Too hot!

Its much too hot for me! Living in a temperate climate and where we only get two days hot weather in a row I'm not used to this lovely as it is. So I've done nothing. Even moving makes me drip! I sat under the trees this morning and enjoyed an errant cool breeze while feeling total inertia. Then in work this afternoon I had the fan on full blast and looked at some blogs on the AQ list. Red Shoe Ramblings had a test on her site as to what kind of blogger are you! Well I would have told you but I now realise that using copy to get the URL for Deb has lost me my test results! So I might go back and re-find it and then again in view of the puddle of sweat I'm sitting in I very well might not! But suffice it to say that it was the same as Deb.

Thank you everyone for the helpful ideas for keeping up to date with blogs. I'm trying BlogLines but to date I don't know whether its working or not. I've stuck in Red Shoe Ramblings as I had it on the clipboard already and why waste the opportunity! But although it is visible on the main page the little icon on my task bar keeps telling me its empty. I'm not normally challenged with stuff but maybe the heat has melted my brain! I'll probably continue to add and subtract blogs from my 'like' list and wade through them on a daily basis.

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