Friday, July 15, 2005


I have started clearing out my workrooms and trying to make more room. And in this clearing out I'm coming across a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of UFO's. Some of these go back several years. In fact in some cases more years than I care to remember. Some of them were samples done for or during a workshop and others were ideas I had and at that moment was hot to trot. However it is obvious that this feeling didn't last! Soooooo! I am going to put them up for all to see and maybe this public outing will make me get on and finish them....well at least some of them. I'm starting with these two small pieces. There are actually four of them but the other two are similar to these. The size is approx 8" square. They are made from two pieces of hand-dyed cotton which has been cut in wavy lines and then the two pieces woven together. They are then fused to a back ground of iron-on vilene or they had Bondaweb on them to begin with and they are fused to themselves. The idea was that they would be backgrouds for small scenes. Such as night sky or underwater or abstracts. I had at the time already done one large piece and turned it into an underwater scene. My daughter then took this! It was done as one of a series of samples for one of my machine classes in the States and I made the mistake of visiting my daughter on my way back through London. Of course I had pressies for the family and during the rummaging through my cases she came across my samples and I lost a few! In the class the students did lace work making trees and other objects and I made the star fish and sea urchins using this technique. So I now have four backgrounds just waiting to be worked upon. Should I make them all separate pieces or should I join them together in a chequer board pattern and make one large piece. Its things like this that keep me from getting on and doing something! Well I have many many pictures of these UFO's so I shall be able to put a few up on a daily basis and perhaps doing this will inspire me to actually achieve! I keep saying this! But as I've said before once I get going I work quickly. But I've also got to do the work for next term's classes and that has a definite cut off date. However I'm sure I can fit a bit of playtime for me in with the traditional and basic stuff. Usually its a piece of hand-dyed fabric that gets me started. Talking of which I must go and prepare for tomorrow's dyeing session. Its to be reds and blues so there will be lots of my favourite pinks and purples coming up! Must find a mixed red so that I get some surprises in the mixings.

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  1. Often when I am clearing the decks like this I put samples and the like in my visual journal - paticularly when they are experiments. It acts as a test if I am relieved they are in there and out of my hair its a project I would never have finished anyway. If I can't bear the thought of them being there I know I want to finish it.

    This block looks as if it could stand on its own - perhaps keep them seperate? Then you have the feeling of done one quickly- just a thought